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Katina Orca. 1.4K likes. Katina is a 43 years old female orca who resided in Seaworld Orlando. This is a fanpage dedicated to her and her family. Anti-cap comments will be blocked! Katina, a captive orca living at SeaWorld Orlando, was recently photographed with a horrific-looking injury — the backside of her dorsal fin has been cut open and bears a long, deep gash. On Saturday, photographer Heather Murphy entered SeaWorld Orlando after hearing rumors about Katina’s injury.

Katina orca

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She is 100% Icelandic. As of July 2017, she is about 16 feet long and weighs around 4,000 pounds. Nalani was the first inbred orca to be bred in captivity and survive. Katina Mar 19, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Sara Holloway. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Katina (born 1975) is a female orca (killer whale) who lives in SeaWorld Orlando in Florida. She was captured off Iceland at approximately three years of age on October 26, 1978.

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Tilikum kom till SeaWorld blev han svårt attackerad flera gånger av Katina och andra. Katina, left, and her new calf swim at Shamu Stadium Späckhuggare, Vackra Varelser Desfragmentación del alma, por la orca Keiko Vackra Varelser, Delfiner,  17, Dahl, Dennis, Orcas Island Running Club, Eastsound, WA, USA, M, 1947. 18, Dahl, Dorte, Team 54, Dahl, Katina, USA, W, 1973.

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Katina and Kayla. Katina and Kona 2. Kona 2, Kalina and Katina.

Oct 4, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Fernanda Santos.
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Katina has given birth to seven calves in all, of whom five have been taken from her and shipped other theme parks. Four have died. In the wild, male orcas leave the pod in order to mate. But Taku, one of Katina’s sons, impregnated his mother when he reached sexual maturity. To date, their calf, Nalani, lives with her at SeaWorld Orlando. 2018-04-02 2018-01-18 2018-06-11 Kalina was a 25 year old female orca who was born on September 26, 1985 at SeaWorld Orlando. She was the first killer whale calf to be successfully born and raised in captivity and the first killer whale born at any SeaWorld park.

Winston spent time at Windsor Safari Park in the UK before being relocated to SeaWorld San Diego, where he died in … Kalina and Katina Photos by SeaWorld (via Orca Pod Wikia – more photos at the bottom of the page). Kona 2 and baby Kalina Photo provided by Alairra and Krystle Rodrique. Kona 2 and baby Kalina Photo provided by Tiggerlily. Photos provided by Spot645. Tilikum and Kalina.
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Will Katina’s dorsal fin fully heal? Dolphins and whales are excellent wound healers and, just like with any injury, the time it takes to heal may vary. Orcas living in captivity behave differently than their wild counterparts. In 2005, Katina mated with her son, Taku, which resulted in the inbred animal Nalani. Mating a mother and son poses a great health risk to the offspring of any mammal, since inbred animals have a greater number of rare genetic mutations. Katina (orca) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Katina (whale)) Jump to: navigation, search. This article relies too much on references to.

Two months later, Katina’s dorsal fin looks like it’s still in bad shape. On Saturday, March 17 the matriarch of the SeaWorld Orlando orca pod, Katina, sustained an injury at the base of her dorsal fin as the result of interactions with other members of the orca pod. On March 17, SeaWorld’s killer whale Katina, a matriarch of her orca pond, suffered a tear to her dorsal fin, the organization stated in a blog post Saturday. Katina has given birth to four calves fathered by Tilikum: Unna, Makaio, lkaika and Taku. Katina fue capturada el 26 de octubre de 1978 en Islandia junto con otras orcas y fueron llevados a Hafnarfjourd, donde se les sexaría, entrenaría y finalmente los pondrían en venta. Katina resultaría ser una hembra de no más de tres años.
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Katina (späckhuggare) - Katina (killer whale). Från Wikipedia, den fria encyklopedin. Katina med tränaren Dawn Brancheau. Katina (född 1975) är en kvinnlig  Katina — Katina.

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Just 20 months after she delivered her first calf, Katina was impregnated again and gave birth to her second child, Katerina. Katina is well known as the most successful breeding female orca in captivity. Her first daughter, Kalina, was the first killer whale to be born and successfully raised in captivity. Katina has had a total 7 calves, 3 of which are still alive. Only 2, however, still live with her in Orlando. Katina Orca. 1.4K likes.

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Katina is a 44 year old female orca who lives at SeaWorld Orlando. She is the dominant orca of the park and also the matriarch. She has successfully given birth to 7 calves and is the most successful breeding female in captivity. On September 26, 1985, Katina gave birth to the first successful calf born in captivity. Katina is a killer whale (Orcinus orca) that currently lives at SeaWorld Orlando. She was captured off the coast of Iceland on October 17th, 1978. As of March 2016, she's about 17 feet long and weighs about 5,400 pounds Katina was captured in October of 1978 and was transferred to a holding pen in Grindavik.

Orca, Katina - SeaWorld Orladno **You are not permitted to repost, copy, edit, redistribute, or display this image without expressed written permission from me. 19 Mar 2016 SeaWorld Orlando's killer whales Kaika and her mother Katina clown around between shows in March 2003. (Orlando Sentinel file). ORLANDO  Dec 31, 2019 - Category:Katina's Gallery | Orca Pod Wiki | Fandom … She gave birth to her first son on September 9, 1993; the calf was named Taku. Katina is a  We had pool floats, stuffed animals, and stickers of the famous orca.